Boxes of dancewear for sale at Sharon Davis School of Dance in Tallahassee, Florida.We offer children’s dancewear for sale in our Tallahassee dance studios.

Proper dancewear is such an important tool for success in the studio! We carry dancewear essentials by Balera Dancewear to ensure comfort, support, and freedom of movement for our students in our dance classes.

We offer children’s dancewear for sale as a convenience for dancers in and around Tallahassee, both for our own students and for the general public.

Our dancewear may be purchased by current students before or after their classes.

Non-students must set up an appointment to purchase and pick up their dancewear in-person.

Please call Ms. Adele at 850-593-5900 to schedule.

All dancewear must be paid for and picked up in-person. We do not offer shipping at this time.


A package of balera dancewear tights for sale at Sharon Davis School of Dance in Tallahassee.

Tights help keep leg muscles warm, while wicking away moisture from sweat without obscuring a dancer’s body line. From ballet to lyrical, tights are a staple in a dancer’s wardrobe.

Full-Footed Tights

Our Balera Dancewear full-footed tights come in the color “Ballet Pink” in the following sizes:
T (3T), CSM (4-6), IC (6x-7) CME (8-10), CLA (10-12). $10*

Convertible Tights

Our Balera Dancewear convertible “Light Suntan” tights come in the following sizes:
IC (6x-7) CME (8-10), CLA (10-12), ASM, AME, ALA. $14*


A black leotard is a sample of dancewear for sale in Tallahassee at Sharon Davis School of Dance.

Leotards allow for support of the core during movement and help instructors ensure proper placement and positioning. Most ballet classes require a classic black. They are meant to be worn tight to the skin, but are not to be restrictive.

Short-Sleeved Cotton Leotards

We offer black, short-sleeved cotton leotards by Balera Dancewear in the following children’s sizes:
CXS (3T), CSM (4-6), IC (6x-7), CME (8-10), CLA (10-12). $18*

Dance Shoes

Ballet Slippers/Ballet Shoes

A pair of Balera Dancewear pink ballet slippers/ballet shoes at Tallahassee's Sharon Davis School of Dance.

Ballet slippers/ballet shoes support the dancer’s arches while allowing for full motion from ankles to toes. Properly fitted ballet slippers are just as important for dancer safety as they are for achieving that classic ballet aesthetic!

Our pink, full-soled shoes by Balera Dancewear are made of genuine leather and come in a variety of children’s sizes:
Size 8.5 – 3. $20*
Size 3.5 – 6. $22*

Jazz Shoes

A pair of Balera Dancewear jazz shoes.

Jazz shoes are different in structure than ballet slippers, allowing for more traction on the dance floor. All of our jazz classes require proper jazz shoes.

We offer Balera Dancewear black, slip-on leather jazz shoes for dancers in sizes child to adult.
Size 3.5 – 8. $34*

Tap Shoes

A pair of shiny Balera Dancewear tap shoes for sale in Tallahassee.

A high-quality tap shoe is essential for new tap learners! Only to be used in the studio, and never in place of street shoes (the tap itself would be ruined!), our beginner tap shoes provide a supportive base for newly tapping toes.

Our shiny Beginner Black Tie Shoe by Balera Dancewear are available in a variety of children’s sizes:
Size 10 – 2.5 $30*
Size 3 – 6 $32*

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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